Summer of 2021

The KNCB is looking forward to a, hopefully, eventful summer in 2021! Keep an eye on our website for e.g. the international home programme, which starts with two men's national XI ODI's vs Scotland on 19 May & 21 at VOC, Rotterdam in The Netherlands, followed by the three CWC Super League ODIU's vs Ireland on 2,4 and 7 June at Kampong, Utrecht. The women's XI will take part in two World Cup Qualifiers: T20 in Scotland in August, and the 50-over CWC in December, venue TBD. Due to the coronapandemic no spectators are allowed as yet.

Cricket4KIDS is a mobility programme developed by the KNCB with aiming at increasing the number of children playing cricket in a fun way and/or participating in activities involving cricket games! Activities with a high ‘fun factor’. Playing fun games, practising new and old skills together en rounding it off with a match, are all incorporated in the programme. Activities with basic formats of mobility are high in the priority list, and through these activities children get to know the sport of cricket.

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